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L.J. Jackson, Los Angeles, California, U.S., National, Local, Global, International, New York, Atlanta, San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Inland Empire, Riverside County, United States of America, North America, Books, African American, Afro Latina, 

I love this book!

 "As I was reading along, I started to reevaluate certain situations that were occurring in my life. The reading motivated me to want to take a stand for things I knew that needed to be changed in my life. I felt inspired and more opened to be a voice of reasoning and allow myself to be heard. Get the book! That's it that's all! You will not be disappointed."

Step-by-Step Guide

This book is designed to help you gain awareness, insight, and an improved perspective about your past.  While you journey with L.J. as she shares personal stories, wisdom, and tips sure to make you laugh, cry, and be inspired.

Feel Better

This book provides an excellent explanation of why things happen to us when we are young, and how to move on and grow.  As you learn to forgive yourself and understand your past.

Achieve Your Dreams

After reading this book you will be motivated and ready to make changes, and take action to pursue your dreams and goals.  As you reevaluate and determine if you're on the right track or ready to make some changes in your life.

Benefits of Reading

L.J. Jackson

Author, Award-Winning Expert, Master Problem Solver Sleeping with My Shoes On: Reclaim Your Innocence, Reclaim Your Power is sure to be a Page-turning Book with tips and information you'll find helpful.
L.J. Jackson

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